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Current students:

  • Saikat Ray (PhD candidate)

Former students:

  • Wayne Bynoe (PhD 2004) “Effects of Simulcasting on the Performance of Multi-hop Wireless Local Area Networks.” Currently with Lincoln Laboratories.
  • Sarah Carroll (PhD 2003) “Modeling Wireless Infrared Communications for Network Simulation.” Currently with IBM.
  • Ayman Al-Awadhi (PhD 2003) “Integrating Wireless and Wireline Networks.” Currently with Teradyne.
  • Ozer Dondurmacioglu, (MS 2002) “Capacity analysis of multi-channel wireless infrared systems.”
  • Gosse Wedzinga (PhD 2001)  “Photonic slot routing: a scalable solution for transparent optical transport networks.” Currently with NLR labs, Netherlands.
  • Prasanna Kannan (MS 2001) “Iterative site-based modeling for wireless infrared channels: an analysis and implementation.” Currently at Cornell University pursuing MFE.
  • Parvathy Pazhayanur-Shanmukham (MS 2001) “Noise modeling and performance analysis of tunable narrowband receivers for wireless infrared communications."
  • Sachin Padma. (MS 2000) “Numerical estimation of the capacity of multipath infrared channels.” Currently with Nokia.
  • Tong Liu (PhD 1999) “Predictive mobility management in wireless mobile networks." Currently with Cisco Systems.


Prospective students: If you share my research interests, and have a strong engineering background, I recommend that you apply to our graduate program. Please do not send me emails with your resume; we only consider students that submit a full application.

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