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Complex    BioSignal Processing

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S. Hamid Nawab

S. Hamid Nawab, Professor

Boston University
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Department of Biomedical Engineering

Room PHO 433
8 Saint Mary's Street, Boston, MA 02215, USA
Tel: (617) 353-4461, Fax: (617) 353-6440

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I supervise the Complex BioSignal Processing (CBSP) Laboratory of the ECE Department. I am also affiliated with the NeuroMuscular Research Center.

Complex Signal Processing is an umbrella term we use to describe processes that act upon signals in order to achieve desired objectives. The term is purposely meant to subsume what is traditionally meant by signal processing, signal analysis, signal modeling, signal classification, and signal recognition, but it is also meant to be inclusive of signal interpretation, signal understanding, signal data mining, signal forensics, signal visualization etc. Our complex signal processing research encompasses the conceptualization, formalization, implementation, and evaluation of signal computing with an emphasis on applied artificial intelligence and on biosignal applications. More details on our research thrusts can be obtained via the following links:

Prospective students: If you are interested in the above research areas, and have a strong engineering background, I recommend that you apply to our graduate program.Please do not send me emails with your resume; we only consider students who submit a full application.

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