Workshop Organization

Conference and Workshop Organization

  • Workshop on Interactions between Number Theory and Wireless Communication
    One-week workshop hosted by the Department of Mathematics at York University in July 2016. The goal was to bring together number theorists working on Diophantine approximation and information and coding theorists working on applications of number theory and Diophantine approximation in wireless communications. Follows up on a 2014 workshop on the same topic. Co-organized with Victor Beresnevich, Alister Burr, and Sanju Velani, all at York University.

  • Nexus of Information and Computation Theories
    Three-month program hosted by the Institut Henri Poincare, Spring 2016. The goal was to bring together researchers working at the interface of information theory and theoretical computer science. Recorded nearly 200 talk and tutorial videos. Co-organized with Mark Braverman (Princeton), Anup Rao (UW), Aslan Tchamkerten (Télécom Paristech).
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  • Workshop on Interference in Networks
    One-day workshop at Boston University on information-theoretic approaches to interference in wireless networks. Took place right before ISIT 2012. Co-organized with Salman Avestimehr (USC).

Invited Session Organization

  • Information Theory and Circuits
    49th Annual Allerton Conference on Communication, Control, and Computing, September 2011, co-organized with Lara Dolecek (UCLA)