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About the Program

Recently, a number of advances in the theory of computation have been made by using information-theoretic arguments. Conversely, some of the most exciting ongoing work in information theory has focused on problems with a computational component. The primary goal of this three-month IHP thematic program is to explore the rich interplay between information theory and the theory of computation, and ultimately create new connections and collaborations between both scientific communities.

The program will begin with a tutorial week at the Centre International de Recontres Mathématiques in Marseille, France. The goal is to provide sufficient background for the primary themes of the program.

The bulk of the program will be hosted at IHP in Paris, France and is organized around four primary themes, each spanning two weeks. The themes are Distributed Computation and Communication, Fundamental Inequalities and Lower Bounds, Inference Problems, and Secrecy and Privacy. Each theme is separately organized by a dedicated committee.

Finally, there will be a week-long workshop at IHP in Paris, France. The workshop will consist of talks that are aimed towards a broad audience and designed to foster discussion and interaction between the CS and IT communities.

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The Henri Poincare Institute (IHP) is a research institute dedicated to mathematics and theoretical physics. Each quarter, the institute hosts a thematic program that brings together researchers from a particular discipline to foster the exchange of ideas.


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